Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New : Hell's Gate- Draig

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Author: Crymsyn Hart
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Length: Novella, 12994 words, 39 Pages PDF
Heat Level: Erotic

Lila has been tending bar for five years at Hell's Gate. She is content with her life. However, when Draig walks into the club her world is thrown asunder. There is something about the exotic man that haunts her. She watches him night after night tie up women and can't help but feel jealous. Draig tries to ignore her, but he can't get her out of his mind. The only thing he knows to do is push her away.

Until the one night she finally confronts him and gives him a piece of her mind. Draig tries to keep her out, but he realizes Lila is something special. If he keeps her out, then his one chance of freedom will fly away.


Lila let her eyes rove over Draig's gorgeous body. Black leather pants encased well muscled calves, strong thighs, and a perfectly shaped butt. A yearning to touch his ass burned through her, but she resisted when the pain pounded on her temples again. Or maybe it was her good sense hammering away to warn her that one-night stands were not a good thing. She'd had enough of waking up in someone else's bed only to have them dismiss her in the morning. Besides, it was a bad idea to get involved with any of her coworkers. She had found that out firsthand when she had first worked there, dating another bartender, but he turned out to be an ass. He slept with her, then told the staff what a horrible lay she was. She swore she'd never make that mistake again. Leah had fired him that next night when his comments reached her ears.

Draig's back muscles rippled when he stood and dragged a hand across his forehead to wipe the beads of sweat from his brow. Etched over his spine was a full-blown dragon, wings outstretched. When he moved it, it appeared that the wings were flapping. The tattoo was inked in blue and silver hues. The work was so detailed she could make out the minute scales along its feet right before they turned into dangerous claws. Whoever had done the skin masterpiece was truly an artist. She wondered where else he might have some tattoos.

Draig turned. Her cheeks burned from being caught staring. She quickly averted her eyes and pressed the cloth to her head. The coldness eased some of the pain. But she figured she would have one hell of a lump in the morning. Getting whacked on the head twice in one night wasn't typical. Lila barely ever dropped a bottle of beer. Tonight two of them had slipped from her grasp. Leah wouldn't dock her for the inventory, but she wouldn't be happy if she knew.

"All put up. Is there anything else you need stocked?" he asked her.

"No. Thanks for the help. Just gotta go home." She slid off the stool.

Once her feet hit the floor, she stumbled again. The world spun a little. She put her hands out to catch herself, but instead found herself against his chest. His arms wrapped around her and clasped her back. Her breasts barely touched his chest. Her head came just under his chin. She inhaled and smelled his pure masculine scent mixed with a fruity aroma that must have been the soap he used. Lila laid a hand on his flesh to steady herself. Her entire being flushed with heat from the close contact. An overwhelming urge to fan herself hit her, but she didn't want to tear her hand away from his solid form. It seemed she was glued to this perfect stranger. Whatever magnetism drew her to him, it was the strongest she had ever felt with a man.

Draig peered into her eyes. Flames ignited in his green ones. A gasp formed on her lips, watching his eyes glow. Before Lila could utter a sound, he claimed her mouth, his full lips covering hers. Her head said she should shove him away. They shouldn't be kissing because it would only bring trouble. But before she could grasp on to that, the world fell away. She was floating, and nothing could bring her feet to solid ground again. Her body temperature spiked. Just the pleasure his lips brought to her was unlike anything she had experienced before. He cupped her face lightly, barely even holding her. Lila craved for him do more, to lift her onto the bar, hike her skirt up, and plunge his cock inside of her.

The bliss he elicited speared directly between her thighs. She squeezed her legs together just to remind herself that she was still alive and hadn't ascended to heaven. Draig slowly sucked on her bottom lip before releasing it. He then brushed his tongue across her lips. Lila let out a small moan. He made no move to bring her closer. The heat of his body blasted against her. She drew in a few breaths to anchor herself back in her body. Frozen to her spot, the shock of the kiss hadn't worn off yet. Lila leaned up on tiptoe to return the kiss with the hunger growing inside of her. Before she could, he pulled away.


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