Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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Author: Diana DeRicci
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance/Werewolf
Length: Novella
Heat Level: Erotic Romance

Agent Jonas Dreyer has been working night and day to intercept valuable memory chips before they are delivered into the wrong hands. A happily confirmed bachelor with good reason, he never expects for the woman who is struck by his suspect in a wild foot chase to be the one, his mate.

Neither do they expect her to be targeted as the only person who may know where the vanished chips may be.


Stacee eased one of her hands into the rich brown of his hair, and his eyes glittered in the sunlight. "You have the most incredible eyes I've ever seen," she told him.

"Thank you."

With little warning she dragged her nails lightly from his scalp down his neck, mimicking scoring his skin. He arched and growled, throwing his head back as his eyes snapped shut. She'd never had the guts to come right out and tell a guy that she wanted to get as naked as possible and see what came next, but if Jonas couldn't understand this, then she really was reading him so very wrong. There was an almost animalist intensity to Jonas. Taking a chance, she dragged those same nails down his chest until she reached his last rib, and held on, digging through the cotton of his t-shirt. Muscles jumped and bunched in answer. He tensed from his shoulders to his knees, and she felt it all along her body. She wanted to see him react, not just feel it.

His jaw was tight. When his eyes popped open, the fire she found in them was rich and deep. "Be careful how you play," he warned her. She tilted, hearing a deeper entendre in the words, but too caught up in the spontaneous wildness of the seduction.

"I want to play," she informed him, pouting softly. She wanted more than that, and she was pretty sure he knew it.

He lowered until he was right next to her ear. His voice dropped a whole octave, sending shivers cascading down her spine. "Get in."

She didn't hesitate to ask why. She found the door handle and slid behind the wheel. He was in on the other side before she'd shut her door.

"Pull out and turn right at Oliver." She nodded at the crisp directions.

Oliver was a beautiful street with old-style buildings and huge storefronts. Many had historical markers and were kept up as part of the town's historical presence. He pointed to an alley that was lined on one side by trees. "Park there." She did. The thick canopy of trees shaded the street and parking between the trunks provided some protection. At least on a Saturday the alley wouldn't see much traffic.

He undid his belt buckle and moved his seat all the way back. "Come here if you want to play," he taunted her in a seductive tone.

"In the car?" She almost giggled, her eyes widening at the idea. She wasn't exactly seventeen anymore. She'd only done it twice in a car in college, and that sure hadn't been all that memorable.

"No. But you should know better than to taunt the big dog on the porch." He reached over and easily lifted her onto his lap when she undid her own belt. His strength surprised her. The way he just plucked her out of her seat and settled her onto his lap made her gasp. He sank down so she wouldn't hit her head on the roof. Her legs tangled with his, and then she couldn't move if she wanted to. She didn't.


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