Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Draven's Crossing: Mind Games by Diana DeRicci

Mind Games
Draven's Crossing II
Diana DeRicci
ISBN  978-1-936165-74-2

Word Count: 26997
PDF Page Count: 75
Heat Index: Erotic
Does this book contain violence? Yes

Genre(s): Erotic Romance/ M/M/ Vampire

From out of the darkness, a voice calls, luring one man into a battle of the unknown. 

Jackal has lived a well-guarded secret his entire life. A being of immense power, he understands and accepts the loss and emptiness of never finding a soul to love, yet endures because it is his only path. Eternal life means none who walk the earth could comfort him for long.

The only one who could understand his plight has lived for just as long: a vampire. Taken by surprise and tortured, Kristof's agony pulls Jackal to him in the dream realm, forging a bond that is unexpected and unexplained. 

But now that they've connected, will the darkness that hunts all para-kind in Draven's Crossing destroy them?

      Jackal tossed on the bed. Where are you? Silence echoed in the dream realm. He shouldn't even be looking. He'd tried to restrain the need, but it had eaten at him, decimating his willpower in miniscule bites. The vampire he'd saved was alive. It was enough.
      Or it should have been.
      Jackal let himself be drawn outward, pulled by some force he'd never been able to fight. He knew the other man was out there. His own sleep had been restless the last few nights. Whether Kristof was trying or not, he was looking for Jackal too, only he didn't know who or what he was.
      Maybe I should leave it that way?
      He drew a slow breath, conscious of the action, feeling the motion of his physical self lying in bed.
      Gradually, the dream realm shifted, shapes and sounds swirling and coalescing on the edges of his vision. It took him by surprise when the movement of his vision slowed, then focused into the common space of a living room. Nighttime shadows created hollows in the fabric of the living world.
      Though it wasn't the shadows that captured his attention.
      It was the man resting in the chair before him. The sight of his features sent little shocks through Jackal. He dared to reach out for him.
      Black as midnight, his piercing eyes snapped open. The weight of the silence between them was a physical curtain. Jackal shouldn't be there. Kristof was still in Draven's Crossing. He could easily run across him as it was. He didn't need to be tempting fate, or any other cruel twisted bitch by facing Kristof again in the dream world. Jackal began to fade, to retreat to his own mental doorways.
      He stopped, as much as he could remain in his corporeal sense. Kristof stood. “You are real?”
      Jackal nodded. “I shouldn't be here, but I had to see…”
      Kristof lifted a hand as though to touch Jackal's face, but his palm went right through the shape of Jackal's jaw. How he craved that touch!
      “Why can I see you?”
      “Because I am letting you. Most would never see me beyond their dreams.” Or after.
      “You're a true dream walker?”
      Jackal laughed, though it was silent. “Among other things.”
      “Come to me,” Kristof demanded. “I know you were there, not a dream.”
      “I can't. I broke the rules. Then and now.” Better to resist. Jackal wanted to succumb all too easily to the compelling order of the man standing in front of him.
      Kristof neared and Jackal wanted to feel his body's heat.
      “Broke them how?”
      “Then isn't important. Now, by returning.” By reaching for him, by interfering again. By needing. Jackal trembled and wondered if it was his physical or his corporeal self doing it.
      Kristof shook his head. “I will find you.” Something tender was woven in those words. Was it possible? Could he feel something? Jackal pulled back from that thought faster than as if he'd tried to touch a hot flame.
      Jackal wished he would find him. He couldn't deny the magnetic attraction tugging him in Kristof's direction like a rope tied around his waist with the end in his strong and capable hands.
      A heat blazed in Kristof's bottomless eyes at the denial. “You can't stop me from coming to you.”
      Jackal realized Kristof was right. Physically, he couldn't stop him. He lowered his lashes, feeling the increase of his heartbeat in his body back in that bed. So many reactions, so many sensations. Jackal felt engulfed in them.
      “I have taken your blood. I can find you.” His tone was gentler, but no less determined.
      “Find me if you will, if you can, Kristof. I can't help, but if you can find me…” He didn't dare finish the thought. The resolve in his rich, husky voice made him tingle. He had no idea if the rules were being broken, or if someone else's reactions would come back to him. Kristof was a new experience for him.
      The vampire neared until he stood right against where Jackal would be in his own skin. “Tell me your name. Leave me that much tonight.”
      Rising to meet this man's eyes, Jackal twitched in the bed. Why you, Kristof? What makes you different? This man made Jackal want. He'd felt attraction, but want like this…? Desire? He felt like he was burning with it.


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