Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Christmas Interlude by Sandra Sookoo

Author: Sandra Sookoo
Cover Artist: Anastasia Rabiyah
Genre: Paranormal Erotica/Historical
Length: Novella,  22,967 words, 70 Pages PDF
ISBN: 978-1-936165-65-0
Release Date: 12-1-2010
Heat Level: Erotic

Dangerous secrets can melt a cold winter’s night but are they hot enough to forge common ground?
In 1899 Indianapolis, adventurous sex isn’t exactly appropriate conversation for afternoon tea.
Yet, an exciting sex life is exactly what Chelsea wants desperately from her beau Luther.  Tired of society’s strict conventions and his less than inspired fumblings in the bedroom, she devises a plan that is sure to bring Luther’s passions to the forefront.
Luther harbors a dark secret of his own.  A werewolf by birth, he’s compelled to shift at each full moon but fears if he shares the knowledge with Chelsea, she’ll run in fear.  What he doesn’t count on is her matching his appetites in the bedroom.
One long night of sexual play at a hotel during the Christmas season is all it takes to meet their needs yet will the confidences they keep unravel their love or will it strengthen the relationship as fast as a little light bondage?


The mystery surrounding the Luther she thought she’d known for three years grew and glimmered like sought after treasure. Could it be that she bored him in the bedroom? Was she the problem in their relationship in spite of her wishing for more, and because she’d said nothing about her needs until just recently, she was in danger of losing him?
Who was he really?
“Isn’t now the time when you move your business arrangement to more private quarters?” His whispered breath warmed her ear. An avalanche of shivery sensation erupted down her spine once more.
“How do you know that?” A burst of anger cut through the warm, sensuous cloud enveloping her. “Do you, uh, frequent these types of women regularly?”
“Not at all. You are the first to catch my eye, but I do see the transactions when I walk home sometimes.”
“Oh.” Relief flooded her system, washing out the anger. “That’s good since I…” Chelsea’s response died away when he rubbed the heel of one hand over her mound. Even though she wore too many layers for him to adequately tease her, an intense ache pin-wheeled through her core as she felt his fingers there. “Yes.” She pressed his hand more securely against her, but he yanked it away with an arrogant chuckle. She shook herself from the heavy stupor. Time to take matters into her own hands, as it were. If she wanted satisfaction from him, she needed to teach him how to please her. “I have a room in one of the hotels in town if you’d care to join me?"
He nodded and edged to the alley’s mouth. “That would be best, don’t you think? Taking you in the alley is not dignified, but I am prepared to do so if you would rather.” His eyes flashed golden in the dim light. “Or on one of the greenways, on a park bench, whatever will indulge your deepest fantasy. I reckon we could go to great lengths at melting some of this snow.”
Dear Lord! Who was this man? “Oh, no. The cabby is waiting.” She followed on shaky legs. When he stood aside so she could enter the carriage ahead of him, Chelsea did so, pausing on the step. She frowned as he conversed with the cabby. Their voices were too low for her to hear, but the driver did put up an argument.
“Yer lady hired me, sir, and I’ll be takin’ my orders from her.” Curiosity swirled in the driver’s voice, along with a bit of protectiveness.
Chelsea smiled, grateful that he, at least, thought to look after her in his own way. She opened her mouth to encourage him to do whatever Luther had proposed, but Luther pulled a wad of bills from his pocket and passed them to the cabby.
“I think this will more than make up for any trouble on your part or hers.”
“Yer right, sir, and then some.” He pocketed the cash and his dark eyes glittered. “I’ll follow those instructions to the letter, and here’s hoping you get right lucky this cold night.” He touched a finger to the brim of his hat and nodded. “As do I.” Luther gave her a gentle nudge.
When she recalled her situation and moved to enter the carriage, she gasped in surprise as Luther delivered a smart smack to her backside before settling himself on the seat next to her with an unconcerned air.
She faced the window, vowing to regain control of the seduction once they reached the privacy of the hotel. Luther Harrington would most likely revert to his usual boring self once confronted with the actual act of illicit fornication. He’d hem, haw, and offer a hundred excuses why he couldn’t be daring.


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