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Author: Daphne Monet and Anastasia Rabiyah
Genre: Fantasy Erotic Romance
Length: Novella, 23001 words. 65 Pages PDF
Heat Level: Erotic
Warnings: Violence

Shauna wanted some time to herself to regain her sanity after almost making the biggest mistake of her life. Then she found Ewan wounded in the forest near her secluded cabin. He was different than any other man she’d ever met, his outdated chivalry the first clue that he was definitely not from her world. Despite the undeniable passion between them, he has to go back to his world to fulfill his duties and stop the Kelden invasion of his village. Shauna has to face her own problems in her world. But given the chance, will either give up their lives to be together, and which world will they choose?

Shauna heard a man scream from somewhere near the waterfall. It wasn’t the excited yell of a camper jumping into the river from the cliff, but a cry of pain. She raced down the path, pine branches grasping at her cargo pants. This part of the forest was overgrown and seldom camped in. She’d asked to be stationed here for that very reason—to be away from people. She heard him again, his voice softer, weaker. Thoughts of what she might find raced through her head; a bear attack, a rogue wolf, or maybe a drunken idiot had fallen off the rocks. In the past, she’d seen it all in different places; she’d been stationed too close to the spots where teens hung out and drank themselves into a stupor. Shauna reached the edge of the cliff and looked down at him.He was alone near the water’s edge, his body bloodied on one side. She looked over her shoulder, wondering if she should go back for her first aid kit. “Damn it.” Second guessing herself, she shimmied down the rocky path, trying her best not to tumble. It would be better to find out what was wrong with him and then go back for what she needed. Better to know what she was getting herself into.When she reached the shallow water, she could see that this was not a random hiker or a drunken teen. His clothes were not terribly torn, but definitely not the clothes a camper would wear. She pursed her lips together thinking maybe he was one of those medieval recreation group performers. But they’d have registered at the office, she thought. Those groups were always more than thirty people, gathered together to practice with their fake swords. Not one man.He groaned.She touched his forehead. No fever.His eyes opened, and she sucked in a startled breath. He had the most beautiful green
eyes she had ever seen, like two dark emeralds glittering up at her. A wave of tingles spread through her body. High cheekbones and thin lips made him seem exotic, European, maybe Swedish. She swallowed down the rising feeling of attraction. It was unfounded. Get yourself together; he’s hurt.“What happened to you?” she asked.He gritted his teeth, his eyes narrowing in obvious pain. “I came from Valfern…the cave…” His hand shot up; his long fingers circling her wrist in a cinchlike grip. “Tried to fight them off…too many.” His eyes slipped shut again.“Um, yeah. Okay.” She didn’t have time to question whatever nonsense he was trying to explain. There was a large gash on the side of his arm and small splotches of blood on his forehead. She tapped his shoulder, trying to rouse him like she’d done in countless CPR classes. “Are you okay?” No response this time. She reached for her phone to call 911, but her case was empty. “Shit!” she said as she jumped up to look around her and back up the cliff she’d climbed down from. It must be here somewhere, she thought, and started walking toward the rocks.He moaned. She returned her attention to him, and he rolled onto his side.“Oh, hey…you okay?” She went back to him. After sitting beside him, she tested his wound with a gentle touch. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Not deep. She decided she could sew it closed if she could get him up to her Jeep and back to the cabin. “Keldens,” he said. “Chased me into the cave.”“Right.” He’d obviously hit his head pretty hard. She took his hand and placed it over the gash, pushing down. “Keep pressure on it. Let’s see if you can walk.”His eyebrows tensed. “Walk.” He nodded.“Good. Let’s give it a shot.” She looped his other arm over her shoulder and helped him to stand up. He followed without question, a sigh passing over his lips. She looked away from him, her mind turning over how the hell he’d gotten here in the first place. There wasn’t another car on the narrow dirt road she’d driven to get to this place. She scanned the sky and didn’t see any sign of campfire smoke. The guy was alone. No matter how weird it seemed, she had to help him. They started up the rocky path, and with each step, she realized how agile he was. He smelled like the forest, clean, fresh, and wild. The higher they climbed, the more she felt like she was going to be engulfed by his heat. A shiver of fear ran down her spine. She’d get him patched up and call for EMTs to take him in the morning. No need to keep him any longer than necessary.They crested the edge of the cliff. Clouds had gathered in the distance, huge and dark, threatening a storm. “How you doing?” she asked her patient.“Dizzy,” he ground out between clenched teeth.“My car’s down the road. Sit here and I’ll bring it. You shouldn’t walk much with that cut and the bump on your head.” She nodded to a log.He obeyed, eyeing her with what she thought might be distrust or confusion. “What clan are you? Drow?”“Um, look, I don’t know what you’re asking me. I’m gonna help you. I’m from the ranger station.”“A ranger.” He nodded and forced a weak smile. “Good. I’m Ewan of Valfern.”“Shauna.” She pointed at the log. “Stay here.”Hurrying down the road, she tried to reason out what was wrong with him. He wasn’t from around here, which was for sure. Strange clothes. Freaky accent…okay, it’s kind of hot, but still, he’s not from Pinehaven. 


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Author: Crymsyn Hart
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Length: Novella, 30394 words, 86  Pages PDF
Heat Level: Erotic
Warnings: Violence
Valerie dreams of a man who ties her up and pleasures her all night long. When she wakes, his soft caresses follow her.  All she wants is to sink back into her dreams and become his slave. 
Her sister, Niki conjures an evil djinn into their world. James and Valerie must stop the genie before it brings others of its kind into their world.
When her dream master offers a solution to defeat the djinn, Valerie is hard pressed not to take his proposition. If she does, will she be releasing the lesser of two evils?

The scent of cloves and oranges wafted through the room. She turned her face to the perfume and inhaled deeply. The spicy aroma signaled that he wasn’t far behind. Her anticipation level rose. A soft sigh escaped her lips. The warmth of the room put her in a languid state. The velvet of the comforter beneath her caressed her skin. I know he’s coming soon. Is it so horrible to want him to be here sooner? I crave him every second of the day. The bouquet of the citrus and earth drew closer. The increase in the fragrance made her wet. Her heart picked up a few beats. She drew in a breath, savoring the scent. A cold blast of air slid over her body. Her skin prickled from the introduction of his presence in the room. The ache of her expectation wound along her nerves, and it took all she had not to strain against her fetters and mar her skin. He liked her to be perfect every time he came to see her. Bare and naked. Silent and compliant, waiting for him. Always waiting for him. It was always about pleasing him. That was what she had been told since the beginning. That was what she had agreed to. All for him. All because he made her feel like no one had before.
“Hello, lovely one,” he said, purring against her ear.
His hot breath blasted against her neck. A coil of yearning unfurled inside of her. This was what she craved. Her time with him was precious. They had so little of it together. Everything he did only brought her more pleasure. His fingertips trailed over her belly, making her squirm. The tips of his sharp nails pressed into her skin ever so slightly, alerting her to the pain they could cause if he chose. Tonight she hoped he would be gentle. Sometimes he made her scream until her throat was raw from the orgasms he brought her. Other times he would be cruel, winding her tighter and tighter, leading her to the precipice of ecstasy and then leaving her wanting. She hated it when he was cruel, but knew there were times she just had to be punished.
Valerie knew better than to respond to his haunting voice. The last time she did, he had hit her ass with a studded paddle until she cried for mercy. For a moment, the skin of her buttocks burned from the sensory memory of the paddle. The joy of disciplining her was what had made the experience worth it. The pain faded away from her thoughts when he slid his finger over the satin blindfold that obstructed her view of him. The desire to see him gripped her soul. She’d never been permitted to glimpse his face. It was only his touch, smell, and taste that she was allowed. They had agreed, when he started coming to her, that he would be the one to set the rules. He governed her world while they were together. She had consented to all of his requests and never thought twice about it. When they were together, she became his. The only problem was that she never knew when their rendezvous would be.
The bed depressed from his added weight. His body heat warmed her naked flesh. The pad of his thumb glided over her bottom lip. Everything in her ached to suck it into her mouth and taste him, but she remained motionless.
“You remembered. Good girl. Maybe this time I won’t have to beat you.”
Something cold slid along her stomach. Oh God, what is he doing to me? Whatever it is, I don’t want it to stop. He pulled another trail of cold and by the pops and cracks she heard, she figured he was using ice on her flesh. She squeezed her eyes tight under the blindfold, desperately needing to contain the moan building inside of her. The tremors that ran along her muscles were uncontrollable. She grasped the iron bedrails she was tied to for support. Her fingers were beginning to cramp from holding fast. Her back arched off the bed when his tongue lapped at the wet path the ice had left. Another cube circled her nipple, puckering it the faster he rounded the pert pea. The subtle pain caused from the frozen cube numbed her brain but raised her temperature. Beads of sweat slid down her forehead. Her throat was parched.
For an instant, everything stopped. She didn’t sense him. The cold went away. Her heart ceased to beat in that frozen second of time. The air was dead around her. It seemed she was in a bubble of no sensation. What have I done? Where did he go? Why did he leave? She was about to break her silence and call out for her master, but then his body heat rubbed against hers. 



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