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Get it while it's hot!! Two Mr. Rights by Sandra Sookoo


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Author: Sandra Sookoo
Genre: Menage Erotic Romance/Contemporary/MFM
Heat Level: Erotic

If a girl can’t find one Mr. Right, is that because there are two?
Emily Anderson is ready for a change. Stuck with an unfulfilling job and a lousy love-life, she can’t wait to do something daring for her birthday. When a friend sends her to an exclusive resort on the shores of Lake Michigan, Hannah vows to have a little “me” time. She doesn’t count on spending erotic moments with two men she’s lusted after for years.
Jonathan Franklin has always carried a torch for Emily, but they’d only dated on and off. When the opportunity to introduce her into his ménage lifestyle arises, he doesn’t waste time. Chemistry between them flares, and he’s thrilled that she accepts his friend Ben into their bed as well.
Ben Clarkson is Jon’s business partner and closer-than-a-brother best friend. He’s searching for the right woman for their ménage and wants to start a family.  Having Hannah in their midst heats his blood and brings the dreams closer to reality.
They’ll have to find common ground outside of the bedroom in order for Hannah to find her two Mr. Rights.


Jonathan turned toward her and slid an arm along the back of the seat. His knee knocked into hers. Awareness slammed into her so strong, she felt it in her core. Good and familiar, but different this time. “You’re probably wondering why we came to pick you up instead of the car service handling things.”
“It crossed my mind.” She couldn’t help but stare at his lips. Man, she wanted to feel his kiss again more than she’d wanted anything before.
Ben’s chuckle filled the car. He pressed a button on his door, and a thick divider slid upward from the front seat, fitting snugly into a groove set in the ceiling. A soft click rang in the heavy silence. “We’re normally not this paranoid.” He met her gaze, his inscrutable. “Though we trust Michael implicitly, this conversation will go much smoother with privacy.”
She swallowed around the sudden lump in her throat. “Why do we need privacy?” Ohmygod, surely they aren’t planning on seducing me right here?
“Delicate subject matter.” Jonathan’s grin occupied her attention, as did the fact that Ben had also turned toward her and placed a hand on her left knee.
Heat shot up her leg. Moisture rushed between her thighs. If her body continued its reaction to these men, there’d be no doubt to any of them how turned on she was. And it wasn’t warranted. They were just being good hosts, right? Sure, because every guy hits on me the moment we meet. Ignore, ignore, ignore. “Um, what subject matter?” It’d be just her luck that they’d decide to kidnap her. She mentally kicked herself for giving up her purse so willingly.
“Has Lynda told you anything about the lifestyle Ben and I share?”
“She’s made a few hints, but told me I’d need to ask you if I was curious.” The words came out as a whisper as Ben inched his hand up her denim-clad leg and let his fingers drift between her thighs, mere inches from her crotch. The frantic need to be touched there made her squirm right before the common-sense part of her brain urged caution.
“Are you curious?” Jonathan stroked his fingers along her shoulder, tracing the neckline of her sweater.
“Yes.” Her response was a mere croak.
Jonathan nodded. “Ben and I learned long ago, probably during our senior year in high school, that we were as close as brothers, closer maybe, and we had to watch each other’s backs because of the things we believed in.”
“Believed in what?” Emily’s brain spun. Her pulse rushed in her ears. Stuff like this doesn’t happen to me. Then she remembered she was supposed to be making a fresh start. She relaxed a tiny bit.
Ben’s smile bordered on devilish. “Since I was an only child and my parents died in a car accident my junior year, I was pretty much on my own. I spent a great deal of time hanging around Jon. For a guy who came from a rough side of Chicago, meeting someone like Jon showed me a whole new way of life.” His fingers brushed against the seam of her jeans, and she sat up straighter. Old-fashioned lust tingled in all the right places.
“I can understand that. When I met Lynda we hit it off, though we’re worlds apart in a lot of life’s aspects.” She tried to imagine the refined Ben in a rough situation but failed.
“He became my surrogate brother, the one person I relied on no matter what. We were inseparable through college.” Ben’s eyes shone. “In a way, I guess you could say he saved me.”
“Ben did the same to me. I was misunderstood in my own family.” Jonathan skimmed his fingers along her nape. Shivers followed. “We went on to go into business together.”
“Oh my God.” I get it! Emily pulled away from them both, her gaze bouncing between the two men. Everything made sense now. No wonder they were both so touchy-feely. “You’re gay? I had no idea. Lynda never mentioned it, but good for you.”
Both of them laughed. It was obviously a conversation they were familiar with.
“What’s funny?” Had she pissed them off? Exactly how long was this car ride?
“We’re not gay. We’re very much heterosexual men.” Jonathan tugged her back into place between them, his arm around her waist this time, while Ben pulled the elastic from her hair. Too bad she hadn’t had time to get the mop colored. “We never had much luck with the ladies until we decided to work together.”
“What does that mean? Like tag-team dating?” She had trouble breathing as Ben walked his fingers up the front of her sweater and worked the top couple buttons from their holes. She followed him, redoing his handiwork.
A smile pulled at the corners of his sensual lips. Laugh lines framed his mouth as he repeated unbuttoning the sweater. “Not exactly. You see, Jon is shy around women. I’m needed to break the ice and charm them—and run interference between him and his judgmental family.”
Pain flashed across Jonathan’s features, gone before she could ask about it. “Ben can be a jerk and too direct sometimes, so I hang around to smooth out his rough spots and soothe hurt feelings, not to mention provide moral support.” This time, it was Jonathan’s free hand that began a trip along her thigh.
“What are you trying to tell me?” She couldn’t think, could barely breathe under their dual assault. It was almost as if her wish for their attention had come true in a big way, and now she didn’t know what to do about it. Though she hadn’t had regular contact with either of them, being in their presence felt nice and all too easy to give in to. I need to know more. “Guys?” Her nipples tightened into hard buds that poked against her sweater, visible and not unnoticed by the men. They both peeked at her breasts.
“We prefer a ménage relationship.” Ben’s breath warmed her ear as he released a third button. “Alone, we’re not effective, broken, you could say, almost lacking. We have a difficult time letting a relationship go the distance for various reasons.”
Her sweater gaped open, showing the lacy cups of her bra. Emily redid the buttons, but gave up the cause when Ben batted her hands away and released them again.
“Once we figured out we worked better as a team than alone, all we needed was a woman who didn’t mind having two men instead of one. She gets dual halves of a whole, but double the pleasure.”
She pictured a distorted version of that old chewing gum commercial. “But…” She met first Jonathan’s gaze, then Ben’s. Stark need and hope blazed in both. What had happened in their lives that made them so…desperate? “Is that why I’m here?” Her heartbeat thudded so hard she felt it in her temples. Sweat coated her palms, but she didn’t dare move. “I thought I was coming for a vacation, to relax and not have to worry about my life…” It all made sense now: Lynda’s reticence regarding the guys’ single status, her suggestion that the trip would be a big change.
Hello, understatement of the year!
Jonathan cupped her chin and looked into her face. “You can have that. All Ben and I are asking is that you keep an open mind about a possible relationship with us.” He drew the pad of his thumb along her lower lip.


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