Thursday, February 16, 2012

New from Purple Sword- Devil's Tavern 1: Invitation

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Author: Crymsyn Hart
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance/BDSM
Length: Novella, 30,486 words, 86 Pages PDF
Heat Level: Erotic
Warnings: Violence

Even the fallen have wings.

Emera runs The Denizen, a place where the wicked come to be spanked and whipped. All she longs for is someone to love. When she starts receiving gifts and strange invitations, she begins to wonder who has an interest in her.

Keenan has searched for Emera for centuries. Even though he wants to barge into the Den and rescue her, he has to be sure that she is still the pure angel he remembers. If not, he will have to do the impossible.

In order to free Emera from the service of her demon lord, Keenan has to slay her Master. Sebastian is on to both of them and will stop at nothing to keep Emera with him.


Emera slid the inner box out. It was made of hard wood, with a small gold latch holding it shut. A blue bow was neatly tied around the box. She undid the bow and opened the latch. Inside the red velvet-lined box was a blown glass dildo. She held it up to the light and admired the contours of the glass cock. The swirls of purple and blue formed a mini-tornado inside of it. The way the light caught the twists of color made her see a sword among the designs. She ran her hand over the phallus imagining how it would feel inside her. First, she’d chill it, then slide the condom on the glass and slip it inside of her. Her pussy would contract around the glass. She’d pull it out and plunge it back into her wet depths, rubbing the dildo against her clit and envisioning it was her secret admirer.

Mistress, I hope this brings you as much pleasure as it does me imagining you fucking yourself with my cock.
Signed, K.

Oh, Em, he makes me hot just thinking about him. You have to admit he has a serious thing for you.”

She glared at her receptionist and felt the burn on her cheeks. The demonic part of her half-giggled thinking about what other things it could do with the cock. She pushed the images of having an orgy with the other girls she employed out of her mind. Emera ran her fingers over the smooth surface of the glass dick before setting it on the counter. I can’t think about being intimate with one of my clients. I bring them pleasure and whatever they desire. I’m not on the menu. I really have to find this guy and tell him to stop before Bas gets wind of these gifts. Sighing, she grabbed the schedule for the night and saw she had five clients lined up. Three were regulars and two were first-timers. Her inner demon grinned at the the notion of fresh blood. Newbies. They’re so much fun to break in. I’ll peel them away layer by layer. By the time they realize what’s happened to them, their souls will be mine. Maybe before we give them over to our Master, we can fuck them. It’d be good to have a man between my thighs while we feast on his soul. The image of her on top of a client running her hands over her breasts and grinding on him while she sucked out his soul popped into her mind.

A strong current of lust and evil rippled through her. Her horns poked against the flesh of her forehead. She gritted her teeth, gripped the counter, and fought back her inner demon. I’m reformed. I’ve put all that behind me. Even though Sebastian hates it, I know where I stand.


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