Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Two great new titles from Purple Sword!

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Author: Brieanna Robertson
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Length: Novella 30,173, 93 pages PDF
Heat Level: Sweet

When Autumn finds a sexy, winged statue amongst her deceased uncle’s belongings, she thinks he’ll make a great decoration for her bedroom, as well as her solitary life. What she doesn’t expect is to wake up in the middle of the night and find her statue replaced by a living, breathing, gorgeous man made up of the four elements.

Gabriel’s been a statue for 500 years. He’s lost, confused, and wreaking havoc on the human realm.

In an effort to get Gabriel home, Autumn experiences adventure she’d never even dreamed about. But will they be able to survive the greatest adventure of all- falling in love?


The way he spoke made shivers work along her spine, and she gave a breathy laugh. “Yeah, fighting a dragon! What an adventure! Are you ready for that?”

His flirtatious smile faded and he sobered, his brow creasing just slightly. “I’m not sure I want to do it.”

Autumn frowned. “Why not? It’s the only way you can get home.”

He met her eyes and stared at her for a long moment. “I don’t know if I want to go home. I’ve been gone for five hundred years, Autumn, and I don’t remember much from before I was separated from my people. I don’t actually have a home. Why should I return to something that I’ve never really known?”

Narrowing her eyes in thought, she saw and understood his reasoning and his apprehension. Truth be told, she didn’t want to see him go back either. Once he returned home, she would have to do the same. What did she have to go back to? An empty castle full of memories that would make her sad? A life of drudgery and isolation? It was one thing to live that life when it was all you knew. But how could she go back now? Now that she knew statues could come to life and worlds existed beyond her own? How could she go back to what she had thought was normal when she had been forced to see the world through Uncle Sal’s eyes?

She looked up at Gabriel and sighed. But…

She placed her hand on his chest lightly. “You have to go home, Gabriel,” she murmured, the words sticking in her throat. “If you don’t, you’ll always wonder who you are.” Something flashed in the depths of his eyes, which let her know he understood that truth.

It was quiet for a few moments, the only sounds being the distant merrymaking of the village and that of the night birds and insects of the forest. Gabriel turned his attention into the trees, and Autumn studied his profile. His jawline was so strong, so defined. She fought the urge to reach up and run her fingers along it.

Suddenly, he heaved a sigh and turned to face her with a completely wicked grin. She raised her eyebrows and took a step back.

“Would you like to taste honey wine?”

She frowned, and he held up an ale horn that she hadn’t even noticed he’d been carrying. She smiled. “Okay.”

He stepped closer, making up for the step she’d retreated. “Close your eyes,” he whispered.

She gave him a questioning look, and he feathered his fingers across her cheek.

“Don’t you trust me?” he teased.

She was sure her expression was completely bland, but she obeyed and closed her eyes. For several heartbeats, she felt nothing, only the cool night air. Then she felt his warm, supple lips press very softly to hers. She gasped in surprise and he used it to his advantage, slipping his tongue in between her parted lips. Erotic sweetness filled her mouth, the taste of the drink he had sipped still clinging to his tongue. Fire raced throughout her, and she went pliant against him, kissing him back with a groan of bliss.

He cradled her face in one hand while he slipped his other arm around her waist, exploring her mouth in the most unhurried, deliberate manner. Autumn’s head spun. She’d kissed men many times before, but this was nothing like anything she had ever experienced. This was passion, gentle seduction, and encompassing eroticism all rolled into one.

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Author: Crymsyn Hart
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Length: Novella, 16,861 words, 52 Pages PDF
Heat Level: Erotic

Amelia has been a ghost for almost a century and haunting Hell's Gate is getting old. She wishes for a change of pace only to have that come in the form of a ring that can make her flesh during the night. On her first night being alivish, she meets Barrett. A hunky man in a kilt who wants nothing more than to worship her.

Barrett comes to Hell's Gate to indulge in his fetish. When he meets Amelia, he knows she's the one for him, especially since she has beautiful feet. After their initial meeting, he can't get her out of his head. He will do anything to have her, even transcend death. Nothing will stand in the way for them to be together.


Barrett waited a moment before looking up at Amelia again. She flashed him a nervous smile. "Is this your first time doing this?"

"Is it that obvious?"

The corners of his mouth turned into a smile. "Yeah. It's okay though. I won't bite your toes. Unless you want me to."

The laugh that trickled from her lips was intoxicating. It sent a quiver down his spine and seemed to wrap him in a spell. At that moment, he would do anything this woman wanted of him. Not because it was her first experience with foot fetishists, but because she was beautiful and unique. He couldn't put his finger on it.

"No biting please. What do you want to do?"

"Can I take the shoe off from your right foot?"

He studied her pale face and didn't see any creases of makeup when the lines formed on her forehead. She was just naturally white. He could see the spider webbing of blue veins through her translucent skin. A dimple appeared in her chin when she sucked on the corner of her bottom lip. Barrett waited patiently for her to answer. He didn't want to spook her because this was her first time. Their encounter could get pretty intense if she wanted it to. For now, he wanted to start slow.

"Okay." She finally relented.

Barrett took her shoe and slowly eased the button through the hole of the strap. He took a moment to admire the feel of the silky pump. When he inhaled, he smelled the leather. His dick shifted, but he pushed his own desires aside and slipped her shoe off. His fingers slid over the smooth heel of her shoe. They had been worn a lot. Up close, the small grooves from the worn in leather were visible. He figured they must have been her grandmother's. Setting the shoe on the floor before him, he gently took hold of her foot. Through the stockings he saw her dainty toes. Oh fuck. She has amazing feet. I want to take those babies between my lips and dart my tongue along her toes to see how she tastes. A shiver of pleasure gripped him, and he had to remain very still before he lost control. Losing control with Mistress Sandra was an automatic expulsion from the area, and he would be on probation for three months.

"So what do you want me to do?" he asked.

"What do you normally do?" The uncertainty in her voice made him yearn to please her more.

He ran his finger along the arch of her foot. Amelia jerked slightly from the light touch. He glanced up at her and saw the wavering smile on her lips. He grinned back and watched her expression. Barrett applied a little more pressure to her instep. When her eyes widened, she wasn't feeling ticklish any longer. As he pushed this thumb into her arch and dragged it along the bend of her foot, a small groan came from her lips. Her pale skin took on a pinkish hue. The more he touched her foot, the more Barrett realized that her skin wasn't warm. Some people had bad circulation, so he didn't think twice about it. He yearned to slowly undo her garters, roll down her stockings, and run his tongue over the silky skin of her feet. Maybe even brush his tongue across the tops of her toes before pulling one into his mouth.

"Is this okay?" Barrett massaged her foot, applying a little more pressure. Her skin reddened in a perfect swath of blush across her cheek.



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