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Author: Crymsyn Hart
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance/Vampire/Werewolf/Menage/Interracial
Length: Novella, 40,196 words, 116 Pages PDF
Heat Level: Erotic
Warnings: Violence, MMMF, Menage

Melina was driven into the arms of her vampire and werewolf mates. Her brother arrives one day to drag her back to her coven. While protecting those she loves, one of her mates falls, leaving her heartbroken. With her brother dead, she uses all her power to hide herself and those she loves from the family who banished her. But using her power unleashes the darkness inside of her soul.

For the next two years, she struggles to mend the rift with her mate. In walks Tannin to bring her to the family she has never known. Learning about her past, she discovers that she's more than a witch. Her attraction to Tannin grows while she learns what the darkness truly is in her soul.

Tannin craves her touch. But he doesn't know if he can open his heart after all the loss he's suffered. He must protect Melina at all costs. Taking a chance, he allows himself to give in to the attraction between them. To do that, he also has to accept the other men in her life and be there when she returns to her coven and unleashes the darkness in her soul.


“I love you,” he whispered.

“I know.”

Nick bit into his wrist and offered the wound to me. I wrapped my tongue around the punctures. Once the first taste of the blood hit me, his memories slid through my mind. I pushed them aside and drew upon his blood. The more that I drank the more I sensed a darkness around him. I didn’t know what it was. Before I could explore it, he pulled away. Landon caught my chin and pressed his lips against mine, flicking his tongue across my mouth.

“You shouldn’t have drunk so much.” Nick trailed his fingers over my breast and pinched the nipple.

I broke my kiss with Landon and turned toward Nick. “It’s never hurt me before. And it brings us closer. I can feel you inside of me. I like that feeling. Your hunger and the pulse of your energy fuses us together. I don’t ever want that to go away.”

“I don’t have a pulse. I’m dead.”

“You have a beat of energy because you’re still alive. You’re not dead, just undead. Now don’t worry about it. Something about the three of us filters out the effects of your blood and your bites. I don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s got something to do with me. The three of us are an enigma. Landon’s your deadly enemy, and yet you were drawn together even before you met me.”

“And I was very happy when he brought you home.” Landon drew me into his embrace and nuzzled my neck. I sighed and let the completeness of the moment wash over me. It was wonderful be in his arms.

When Nick first told me he was already mated to another man, I wasn’t sure where I would fit in. But it was easy to see myself with them once I touched Landon. I bonded with him the same way I had connected with the vampire. They were my life. I would do anything for them. Nothing would ever pull me away from them.

“The first time I saw you, I was scared out of my wits. I’d never met a werewolf before.”

“So I was by far the sexiest werewolf you’d ever set your eyes on?” Landon asked.

I punched him in the chest, hitting his hard muscles. He groaned playfully. “Yes, you were the hunkiest werewolf I’d ever met. And by far the most delicious.”

Nick ran his finger along my inner thigh. “And what about me?”

I rolled my eyes. “You were the sexiest vampire I’d ever been with. Still are. I don’t want to think about being with another undead hunk. Are you both happy now?”

“Not at all,” they said in unison.

“So what do I have to do to make you happy?” I asked.

Landon rolled over and plucked one of the dark blue roses from the vase on the table by the bed. They were a specialty I’d been working on in the shop but hadn’t yet set out to market. They were long-stemmed roses with thorns, with beautiful sapphire petals so dark they could have been black, spread out to show the inner workings of the rose. He shook it off, letting the water droplets fall over my stomach. He then trailed the stem along my flesh and over my breasts, circling it around my hardening nipples. I shivered when Nick blew over the water droplets that cooled my skin.

“You promised that we could do whatever we wanted to you,” Nick murmured.

“Yes, you did.” Landon pressed the thorn of the rose into my flesh, but didn’t let it puncture my skin. “You trust us, don’t you?”

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Author: Anastasia Rabiyah
Genre: Fantasy/Sensual Romance
Length: Novella 30,477 Words, 92 PDF Pages
Heat Level: Sensual, Violence

Change, forgiveness, and love in a war-torn world are hard to come by.

Bent on vengeance and answers, Treila leaves the safety of Telen City to seek out the mysterious dark-winged angel responsible for her sister's death. She's unwillingly thrown into a race for her life with the very man she hates, only to find that he was changed by her sister's light as much as he will be changed by Treila's dark magic.

All Kolar has known is a life of murder and loyalty to a cruel master. But his last assignment's kindness awoke compassion and empathy in the cold-hearted assassin making him question his life. After failing to save the innocent woman who showed him cruelty was not the only way, he is banished to the void. When Treila accidentally releases him he knows he cannot fail a second time.


Outside the room, the sounds of hooves clopped across the stone floor. Someone was coming, perhaps just a guard checking in on those prisoners in the torture rooms. Perhaps someone worse. Kolar raised his face. “Let me take you from this place.”

“I don’t trust you.” She glared at him.

“You must. There is no one else, and someone is coming.”

The door to the room began to open. Grim, gray light spilled into the darkness. She turned her head to see who was about to step in. In that small instant of her drawn attention, he bridged the distance between them, slipped his hand over her mouth to silence her, and enfolded the woman and himself within his black wings. It was an old trick of the demons, a charm of invisibility that he had mastered as a youth. The darkness of his feathers blended in with shadows all too well.

She stiffened in his hold, but didn’t struggle. The scent of her hair and skin was familiar. He clutched her and waited. She smelled like Minai. She smelled like hope and freedom. He wished she would cling to him and take away the horrible pain and emptiness he felt inside.

The intruder was a lowly guard, a lesser demon who plodded into the room, glanced around once, and then left with a slam of the door. Kolar listened as the guard’s steps echoed farther away. The woman’s body felt good next to his, warm, hot even. He didn’t want to let go of her. “What is your name?” he whispered by her ear.

“Treila. Last princess of the Telen people, thanks to you.”

He set his chin on her shoulder. Sadness lingered in his voice when he spoke. “I give you my life, for all time. I owe you so much more for having taken your sister from you.”

“You killed her.” Her voice caught in her throat.

“No. I would never have hurt her.” But he did feel responsible for her death. He didn’t have to bring Minai to the demon king. They could have fled, flown to the south on the high winds and hidden in Darkwood Forest. Anyone who ventured there was never seen again.

“I don’t believe you.” She shoved away from him and burst free of his grip. Her escape parted his feathers, and one ripped free with a painful pinch. The long black plume fluttered in lazy circles until it hit the floor. He watched the woman stomp toward the door. She was afraid, but she was brave—a dangerous mix.

“Wait.” He started after her.

She ignored him and opened the door. Treila looked out into the hall beyond. “I’ll avenge her death.”

He sighed. “How?” Kolar set a hand on her shoulder, readying to pull her backward in case anyone approached. “You are only one, and you have no weapons. Do you expect to march into the demon king’s throne room and choke the life out of him with your bare hands?”

“If I have to.” She slapped at him, but he tightened his grip and did pull her back then. Treila stumbled into him. He shut the door and set her up straight.

“How did the door to the void open? Was it you?” He nodded toward the trapdoor he had dispatched the demon into.

“Yes. I thought it might be a way out. I was trying to get away while he...”

He chewed his cheek, knowing well enough what the demon had tried to do to her. She had her sister’s eyes, her sister’s mouth. Her lips turned into a snarl as if she could sense the direction of his thoughts. He found her alluring, dirty though she was from having been stolen. He could see the beauty of her waiting to shine through. His body stirred, quickening at her closeness. His heart thrummed harder in his chest. He licked his lips and tried to stop thinking about what it would be like to pull her into his arms again—maybe kiss her cheek, or trace those full lips with two fingers, back and forth, until he memorized their softness. “Treila, let me take you away from here. Let me take you to safety, to Darkwood.” His voice had grown husky from the desire flickering inside his chest.


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