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On a world at war, the Four Elements hold the key to balance and peace. An ancient prophecy first demands they surrender to undeniable passion.

Two tales of love and fantasy.

War rages between the Lands of the Moon and Sun. The Healer of Water, Arlynn, touches the scarred Fire mage Myrric. The steam of their passion alters Arlynn's powers forever, sending her on an odyssey to fulfill the ancient prophecy of peace for a world on the brink of destruction.

Village smith Grelig stops a slavegirl from stealing his lunch, but not his heart. Attempting to free Shayla from her cruel master, Grelig stumbles on a Trine of Evil and discovers that to spare one girl, he must first save his world.


"Myrric?" she called softly.

He looked up.

As Arlynn's pale blue gaze locked on Myrric's black glare, a shockwave of power surged between them. Myrric looked stunned.

"What have you done to me?" he asked, his gravelly voice weary and scornful.

Arlynn looked up at the general present. "I need some time alone with the prisoner, sir."

The cynical, grizzled man with a short sword at his waist shook his head. "Your efforts to heal the High Mage would be wasted, Healer. Either Myrric will stand for us during the next battle or he will be executed for his crimes. Don't waste your powers on him."

Arlynn struggled to find an answer. She knew she had to have something from the beaten and bloody man before her. Even now, the power arced between them, invisible to the clerk and general. The spell he had begun to cast on the battlefield was not complete yet. Arlynn needed to finish it, or never heal another person again. Her powers, released during their kiss, were now locked up tight in the spell.

She settled for telling a half-truth. "Even so, general. I cast a healing spell on him, and it was incomplete. I must finish it before my powers can be used for the benefit of our troops. I was unaware of his identity when I began."

The general appeared to consider this. After only moments, he executed a short bow. "As you require, Healer. The clerk and I will leave you."

The door closed, and the heavy lock clicked into place. Myrric studied Arlynn closely.

"When I woke, I had no powers. What have you done to me?" he asked in a hard tone.

"Nothing more than what you did to me," she answered evenly. She reached towards his arm. He flinched, but his restraints held him in place.

"You were casting a spell before you passed out on the battlefield," she murmured as her hand settled above the burns on his arm. Power and passion erupted between them. The blue peace of healing waters lapped against the crimson sparks of fire.

Arlynn watched Myrric fight the odd effects of their melding.

"What were you casting?"

His mouth grimaced. "A fireball."

She considered. "So, you did not get the chance to send the power out from you. It now sits in me."

His black eyes watched her carefully.

"But my power lies in the oceans, not the fires." She paused seeking for a way to let him understand what was happening. "The surge of power I took from you ebbed away for a bit on the tide. Now it is a cresting wave, and it needs to be used somewhere." She bit her lip. "I could heal you. Your power would be restored, and our armies would not withstand the next blast you send our way."

He began to twist, pulling at his bindings.

She stood, settling her hand on his cheek. He stilled. "But then my powers would ultimately be used to hurt, not heal. I could not bear that." She bent over, his breath heating her lips. "But such power…it must be used for something." Sparks began to fly through the air.

Myrric eyed the temptress before him. Myths and legends were passed down at the School of Fire and War of a woman made of water, light and joy. Surely this could not be she, with eyes the color of the sea and a touch that set his blood boiling.

"Let me help you, Myrric," her moist lips whispered. "Let me take all the anger away. Let me give you joy."

"Joy?" he laughed roughly. "I have never known joy. It is not for men such as me."

Her fingers, soft and agile traced his cheek. Memories of heat and contentment surged forth.

"Nonsense, Myrric. What you have given me I am not sure. But I do know what I cannot do. I cannot allow you to take that power and kill more people." Her breath teased the small hairs near his left ear. "I can only heal." Her hands demanded more as they crossed his chest. "I can only love."

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Author: Crymsyn Hart
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance/ Horror
Length: Novel, 90,352, 273 PDF Pages
Heat Level: Erotic
Warnings: Violence

The Devil has come to Earth and together they must drive him back to hell.

Brenna thought being a vampire was difficult, but becoming an angel is even harder. Her desires run hot and cold. Everything she knows is falling down around her while she yearns for her soul mate.

Azrael forces himself to dismiss Brenna's forlorn cries. To go to her would ignite an angelic war. To make matters worse, a dark force is rising from the bowels hell and the devil has his eye on one thing. Ruling over everything and creating a paradise for his demons.

In order to learn her new powers and save the world, Brenna must travel to the outer reaches of the galaxy and confront her inner demons. Will the world be saved? Will Brenna face the darkest evil of all? Or will the whole of humanity be damned for all time?


The glare that surrounded me was golden, brighter than anything I'd ever seen. I snuck a quick look at the scenery and saw that we were in an untouched wheat field. The brilliance of the sun on the field created a halo. The sun was warm. There was something familiar about the earth beneath my feet. It was almost like my body had once been part of it. I had buried myself somewhere within this very field. Somehow, Azrael must have latched onto that and followed it here. Right now, I hardly cared. I was with Azrael. But I got the sense he would only leave again. If that happened, I didn't know how I'd handle it.

Staring at him, echoes of remorse and sadness filled his thoughts. There was also love on the surface, unending, stretching the expanse of the universe. And it wasn't love for the Source—it was for me. It was true love. Could I accept that? Behind it, there was something else, a fear and anger that I'd never seen in the angel before. All revolving around me.

Azrael sensed that I knew something was wrong. He had done something. He'd broken some code he'd sworn never to violate.

"Tell me," I whispered.

He sighed and took his time. The tension surrounding us was hard enough to shatter a meteor if he'd wanted to. "Michael has gathered a faction to throw me out of heaven because of my demonic origin. He never wanted me to be an angel. He accepted me because She raised me above all others. Michael hates you for the same reason. He told me if I were to revert, to show any sign of my past, he'd destroy me and then you. That's why I stayed away. I lose all control around you. Brenna, you cloud my judgment and raise buried emotions along with my hunger. I didn't want to send his wrath on you. Not again." He smiled sadly and touched my face.

I nuzzled his hand, understanding the feelings. I'd sensed Azrael's mind. He'd stayed away out of love, but knowing that didn't take away the hurt. It only dulled the pain a little. By saving me and giving into his nature, he'd instigated a war in heaven. From the looks of his scar, I surmised that Michael had inflicted it. The squabbling of angels. Maybe my needs were selfish in light of the situation, but I deserved the man I loved, especially when I would one day take my place by his side.

I couldn't imagine what Michael would do to Azrael if they fought. Azrael was going to leave me. My heart sank. Everything I'd hoped for was in my grasp, only to be taken away again.

Azrael sensed the change in me. "Michael can kill you with a thought. Right now, he won't. I don't want you to die."

"Stop," I whispered. "Just stop. I get it. You're going away again. Leaving me alone. I need you. I know it's selfish, but hell, it's time I think about me. I help everyone else. Why can't I have you?

"I know the answer, but damn it, it's not fair. Each day, the universe expands a little more in my soul, hardening me. And it's cold. There are times I don't know where I'm going. I need to understand what's happening to me. I assumed you didn't want me, so I buried myself in the earth to escape the pain. Sleep was better than consciousness, better than staring up at the sky, knowing you were there and not being able to have you. Do you know how that feels?"

I collapsed and sobbed. Seeing him now, when he would just leave again to stop the war, only made things worse. Azrael's reasons were commendable, but I wanted him.

His arms pulled me close. His chin rested on my head, and his arms settled in the small of my back. I couldn't keep him like this forever.

"Oh, Brenna, I forgot how mortal you are. It's been so long since I was even remotely human. Until you came along, I'd forgotten how to love. I never meant to harm you. Can you forgive me everything I've done?"

He raised my chin, wiping my tears and kissing me on the lips, like a flower's soft caress. But it wasn't enough. If he was deserting me, I wanted more. I demanded the promise that had been denied me. I pressed against him, winding my fingers in his hair. Then I pulled him away so I could kiss his neck. My tongue circled over the place I'd fed from, now magically healed. The warm blood underneath called to me. I nibbled there a moment and then met his gaze once again.

His eyes were expressionless fathoms, waiting to see what I would do. I gave him a small smile and kissed a spot over his heart, lightly brushing his nipples with my hands. My mouth enclosed on one, and he moaned. The unexplored passion washed over me as it consumed him. It caught the angel off guard. He stumbled backwards into the wheat. I took advantage and straddled him. He fell on his back, but his invisible wings cushioned his fall. I kissed his chest, working downward, stopping when I reached his jeans. Hunger and ardor were in his eyes, but there was also fear in his mind. Beyond that, I knew he didn't want me to stop.

He wanted to give me everything he'd denied for so long. I expected the beast, the vampire in him, to emerge, but it wasn't the vampire or the angel that waited for me. It was the man. Someone I'd never seen before now bared his soul. In that moment, I knew that he truly loved me.


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