Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Release: House of Moon Dark

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Author: Crymsyn Hart
Genre: Fantasy/Sensual Romance
Length: Novel 54,304 Words, 125 PDF Pages
Heat Level: Sensual, Violence

When a librarian meets her knight, her destiny is revealed.

Jan has spent her life among books until one night everything changes. She's dragged into the realm of fairy only to discover there are assassins after her because she is the next heir to the throne. She comes to trust her guide in the fey world, Corin.

As Jan learns more about her heritage, her affection for Corin grows. Sent on a quest to prove she is the rightful heir, Jan faces her worst enemies. Kidnapped and dragged to the enemy's castle, Jan must figure out a way to escape.

With enemies looming, Jan must look at options at hand. Her heart yearns for one man, but is it for the good of the kingdom? Who will she choose?


When she walked to the bathroom, the door was slightly open. Steam filled the small space, but what she saw made her blush. Before her was the best toned ass she had ever seen on a guy. Corded muscles ran the length of his legs, and his back rippled when he moved. She bit her lip at the naked man in her bathroom. Seeing him confirmed everything was real and her problems weren't going away.

She licked her lips and felt her cheeks sear from the thoughts of throwing him down on the bed and having him between her legs. He's sweet looking, but he's not even my species. I'm not a fairy. There's no way I can be. I certainly don't have any wings, unless they've magically grown out of my ass overnight. Tendrils of wet hair clung to his back. The points of his ears were visible and elicited a tingling sensation between her legs. The longer she stared at him the more she wanted to feel him inside of her. Jan couldn't explain the attraction she had toward him, but there was certainly something there.

Watching him, her mind immediately thrust them to her bedroom. He placed kisses all along her body. She could feel the softness of his lips. His fingers trailed over her body, cupping her breasts. He squeezed her nipples until she cried out. She stroked his cock until Corin was hard. He parted her thighs and then slowly delved into her pussy. Jan clutched the doorway, feeling him pushing inside of her. She drew in a labored breath to keep from fainting to the floor because her knees were weak. But the harder she gripped the quicker he pushed inside of her. The muscles clenched in her stomach.

Corin bent lower and whispered in her ear. "Princess, I want you."

His hot breath blasted against her ear and the pleasure it culled in her nearly made her weep. It encompassed her soul. Before she could answer, he thrust into her one last time and came. The ecstasy washed over her and she was released from her vision.

When she blinked again, Jan realized she was still in the doorway. Corin had turned around and was now facing her, completely naked. He didn't seem ashamed. Her eyes moved down his well-formed chest. His nipples were pale pink and hard from the cool air. The desire to wrap her tongue around those pert buds overwhelmed her. She took a step forward. Jan placed her hand on his chest and felt those strong muscles. Not being able to help herself, she stood up on tiptoes and pressed her mouth to his. He responded this time and kissed her with a hunger that echoed inside of her. She slid one hand around his neck and conformed her body to his. With the other hand, she cupped his growing erection.

Corin broke the kiss. "We shouldn't do this."

Jan kissed a line down his neck. "Why not?"

She came to his chest and flicked her tongue over his nipple. Her teeth grazed over it. Her savior moaned. His cock hardened with her touch. Corin slipped his hand under her bathrobe and cupped her breast. He squeezed it until she cried out.

"Because it isn't something you should be doing. I am but your lowly servant."


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