Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My One True Love by Stephanie Taylor

My One True Love

Stephanie Taylor
ISBN  978-1-936165-80-3

Word Count: 16,010
PDF Page Count: 57
Heat Index: Sweet
Does this book contain violence? no
Genre(s): Mainstream Romance 

Release Date: Feb. 2, 2011
Price: 3.99

Love or contentment.  What would you choose?

Seven years ago, Liz Henley left her fiancé without a backward glance to live a bigger life anywhere but in Oakley. Now she's back, with a new fiancé, ready to tie the knot on Valentine's Day in the town she grew up in.  But one thing stands in her way: her first true love, Jason Kenyon.
Jason Kenyon has never really gotten over Liz, but he doesn't let that stop him from being the best park ranger he can be.  When he see the body of a female go sailing past him during an avalanche, he doesn't think twice about trying to rescue her.  It isn't until they're both back at Jason's cabin that he realizes the body is none other than his almost-wife, Liz. 
Torn between his love for Liz and his duty to return her, Jason has to make a decision.  Does he take her back to her new fiancé or fight with all his might to get back the woman he never stopped loving?

   “I can't believe you. Patrick is a good man who doesn't deserve to be hurt, but I'm willing to stop my wedding to be with you. Yet, you still refuse to give an inch.”
   “Something tells me if I give you an inch, you'd take a mile. Isn't it the way it's always been?” Anger pulsed in his jaw.
   “And if I don't give an inch, you'll go running away, just like before. Anything to avoid giving up what you've envisioned for your life. Have you ever thought maybe you're wrong? Maybe the fancy city life isn't for you and you might be happier here living the way your mother lives?”
   “I hate this town!”
   “Hate it so much you'd get married here?”
   “I never said the landscape wasn't beautiful,” Liz argued, but she knew he made a valid point, and she hated it even more. "My family's here. It was easier this way. You know they can't afford to travel to Baltimore."
   “Your family's here, Lizzie. I'm here. You've gotta make a choice.”
   “I don't know how to choose, Jason. I have a career and friends--a life--in Baltimore. Here, I have…" She trailed off. "How can I just walk away?"
   “Everything isn't always going to go your way. You might end up married to Patrick after all. Have two point five kids in the future with a white picket fence around your mansion on a hilltop. But you won't have one thing, Lizzie.”
   “Oh yeah? What's that?”


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