Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Release: Bitten By Love

Bitten By Love
Crymsyn Hart ISBN  978-1-936165-58-2

Word Count: 28862
PDF Page Count: 87
Heat Index: Erotic
Does this book contain violence? Yes
Genre(s): Paranormal Erotic Romance/Vampire/Menage

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One touch is all it takes to ignite her passion.

Fey know their mates by touch. Griffon yearns to rejoin Zak, his mate, in the fey realm. Seven hundred years ago, Griffon was turned into a vampire. To ease his hunger he attacked a mated couple. For retribution, he was exiled to the human realm until he could find the one person who would break his curse.

Salina meets Griffon at the bookstore she works at. He flashes her a blinding smile and asks her to dinner. After dinner, he invites her back to his house, where she meets Zak, his lover. Drawn to both men, Salina doesn't know what to make of their attentions especially when Griffon reveals his true nature.

Will Salina give in to her attraction to both men? Or will she succumb to Griffon's curse?

   She heard sounds coming from a couple of doorways down from the bathroom. Creeping up slowly, she peeked in the door. Both men were in a tight embrace. She saw Zak's expression locked in ecstasy in the mirror behind them. Griffon had one hand wrapped around his shoulder cradling his neck lovingly. The other was at the small of his back, his fingers splayed on the top of Zak's ass. Griffon's lips were fastened to his neck. Griffon's eyes were closed, and he was drinking greedily from his lover's throat. Salina was transfixed at the sight. After a second of watching them, it occurred to her she was seeing something intimate between the two lovers. Everything in her told her to turn and give them privacy, but she couldn't tear her gaze away.
   “More, Griffon.” Zak moaned, exasperated.
   Griffon clutched onto his ass and pulled Zak into him more. He must have sensed her, because he opened his eyes and locked them with hers. He didn't break the gaze, but began to suck. It seemed she could feel each pull Griffon took from him. Her body rocked in time with his sucking. She clutched the doorframe hard. Her breathing intensified the longer she watched. The pleasure was cresting inside of her. She was getting wetter. She clenched her thighs together. A gush of wetness dampened her panties. A strangled cry left her lips. Finally he looked away, but not before she noticed a slight curling up of his lips in a sneer. When he broke the staring contest, she dashed down the hall and ran into the kitchen trying to catch her breath. Whatever connection they had made was beyond words. She clasped the kitchen sink and turned the faucet on. Flinging her glasses off, she splashed the water on her skin, glad to find it was as cold as it was in the bathroom. She took additional handfuls and gulped them down. When she was done, she bowed her head, trying to stop the lightheaded feeling that had come upon her. But it only got worse.
   Hands were trailing up her sides, gently, delicately. Hot breath blasted against her neck. She felt lips playing over her throat. Fingers brushed against her nipples, hardening them. Salina tried to fight the sensations, but wasn't able to. This isn't real. This can't be happening. What's going on?
   She didn't get an answer.
The sensations only intensified. The rush of the water was drowned out by the pounding of her heart. She squeezed her eyes shut. The woozy feeling sloshed her head around. The hands were all over her.


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