Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jewels of Desire III : Aquamarine Delight

Author: Lila Pearce
Cover Artist: Dawne' Dominique
Genre: Fantasy/ Erotic Romance
Length: Novella ISBN 978-1-936165-50-6
Heat Level: Erotic Romance  Released: July 21, 2010

Anya Ohmara is off on her third adventure thanks to the time-traveling jewelry box. Research for her next book has her up to her eyeballs in voodoo and witchcraft. Spending all of her time at home is not helping the depressing state of her love life. Not that she has time for a real relationship between writing and the gemstone-induced sexcapades, but a girl can dream, right? On a chance trip to the university library, Anya runs into Derrick—the mouthwatering deliveryman she happens to have a huge crush on. Thankfully he doesn’t recognize her as the customer he’s seen in nothing but a wet t-shirt. Narrowly escaping the encounter with her dignity intact, Anya goes back to writing—after all, it’s much easier to understand than men.
Things are not going so well for Vanessa in sunny Costa Rica either. When she’s on the job, she tiptoes around her boss. When she’s not on the job, she’s chauffeuring the intern and trying to avoid being seen by the over-amorous Ricardo. She’s stuck between a bartender and a hard place. When her boss suggests that they need to talk, she’s sure he’s going to fire her. Unfortunately, there’s no calling in sick when you’re part of a camp of three.
Anya is so immersed in her writing that she almost forgets to check the jewelry box the night of March 15th. Inside the box is a golden cuff set with aquamarine stones. This time her dreams whisk her away to an ancient Mayan city at the height of the civilization. The looming pyramids and acropolis-like structures all seem deserted--until a stocky, tattooed warrior sneaks up behind her. Chak Kimi is a man of few words, but Anya isn’t worried. That is, not until he leads her toward a stone altar in the middle of a courtyard. Now she’s stuck in a strange cross between fantasy and reality with a warrior of a people who practice ritual human sacrifice. Will she find a way out of this predicament or is this the definitive end of her search for passion?

"You stay," he whispered in her ear.
Anya rolled toward the sound, opening her eyes. Her sculpted Mayan warrior jogged across the courtyard and disappeared through an arched doorway. The taste of his kiss lingered even after he was gone. Lying back on the stone altar, Anya basked in the hot sunlight. If she stayed out here too long she was sure to get a nasty sunburn, but at the moment she couldn't bring herself to care. The warmth of the rays drew sweat from her pores and turned her muscles to jelly. A girl could get used to this, she thought. Despite the fact that she was now alone, the passion bubbling through her veins showed no sign of boiling off.
Sticking one finger in her mouth, Anya imagined that the heat of her tongue was Chak Kimi's swirling around her digit. She withdrew it and teased one of her nipples in tiny circular patterns. Each pass over the aching bud sent pulsing vibrations through her abdomen. Re-wetting her finger, she let her hand wander down to the neatly trimmed hair between her legs. She caught her bottom lip between her teeth as one fingertip slid between her folds. The answering jolt in her core made her wish Chak Kimi would return soon.
At the thought, a strong hand grabbed her wrist. Anya opened her eyes in what felt to her a demure fashion. "Where did you go?" She made her voice as low and seductive as possible.
Instead of answering, he sat down beside her and raised her hand to his mouth. His soft lips brushed over the pulse point in her wrist. Chak Kimi cradled her palm against his face. His skin was tough and scarred, but still smooth to the touch. He began kissing the inside of her arm, leaving a burning trail of fire all the way to her shoulder.
Anya melted. The combination of the hot sun and the tenderness of this strong warrior left her muscles quivering like jelly. She snaked her arms around his neck as he nibbled his way across her collarbone. The scent of his pure masculinity overwhelmed her senses, calling her inner sex kitten out to play. Her fingers explored the raised lines of his tattooed cheeks, following the pattern up to his rugged cheekbones and past them to his sloping forehead.
In one smooth motion, he straddled her hips again. He sat back on his heels and stared down at her with the same intent, silent stare as before.
"You're a man of few words," Anya said with a saucy grin.
Chak Kimi raised an eyebrow.
She propped herself up on her elbows. "Sometimes…" Tucking her chin, she raised just her eyes to look at him through her eyelashes. "Sometimes you don't have to say anything." She threw a pointed look at his obviously swollen dick.
The smile that lit his face was that of a hungry predator. A dangerous glint sparkled in his eyes. He leaned to the right to pick something up off the ground. Anya tried to twist to see what it was, but he pushed her shoulders back down.


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