Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Release: CAGED by Diana DeRicci

Diana DeRicci
ISBN : 978-1-936165-43-8
PDF Page Count: 48
Erotic Romance

A cat shifter trying to fit into a world that didn't start as hers. The man who would love and protect her with everything he had. Mira never expected to find the one man she would grow to trust and love among the human men. Living with humans had grown to be a skill for the Felids. As long as they didn't expose themselves, they were safe. Rhys never thought he'd find the love of his life or that she would turn out to be an alien cat shifter. What she could do with her shape was amazing. He vowed to protect her and her people.
Unfortunately, someone has learned of their existence, and is hunting for Mira.


More asleep than awake, he carried her drowsy self into the townhouse they now
shared. Kicking the door closed, he took her upstairs, setting her gently on the king bed.
She was a sprawler. Show him a cat that wasn‟t, he thought with a grin. He tore off his
t-shirt  then wiggled  her  out  of  the  sweater  and  jeans.  She  arched  beneath  his  hands.
God, she knew how to make this hard for him.
Sliding into bed naked, he curled around her and she automatically bowed with
him, a breathy purr rumbling up like a contented moan. The first time she‟d done that,
he‟d thought he was hearing things, because he‟d never owned a cat  in his  life, but he
knew he‟d heard one, practically beneath his  ear. The memory  still had  the power  to
make him smile. Bringing up the blankets, he covered them and closed his eyes.
Her ass wiggled against his groin. Rhys sucked in a needy breath. Mira was more
asleep than awake.
He thought.
Then  she  gyrated,  and  his  cock  answered,  thickening  along  her  ass  cheek.
Relishing the feeling of her skin rubbing against him, Rhys didn‟t move.
“Rhys,” she murmured.
“Rest,  Mira.  You  need  rest.”  He  was  trying  to  do  the  right  thing,  but  even
Superman would have trembled in his shoes. Or sheets.
“Uh uh,” she replied, unrepentant.
She pressed the sweet curve of her ass into his cock, arching along his body until
her  arms  lifted  over  her  to wrap  around  the  back  of  his  head,  thrusting  her  breasts
forward with the motion. Rhys groaned.
“I need you.”
He  understood.  She  needed  to  reconnect,  needed  to  feel  her  mate  with  her,
protecting her, cherishing her.
Rhys couldn‟t deny  that need. Not when he needed her  just as badly. His arms
circled  her  body,  a  firm,  satiny  breast  filling  his  palm.  She  panted  as  her  nipple
tightened, budding  to push hungrily  into his palm. Burying his  face  into her neck, he
sucked and lipped, twirling his tongue over sensitive skin and the beat of her pulse. She
shivered in answer.
He  loved  the  smoothness  of her  skin,  the wild  taste,  like  a  sun-heated  field  of 
summer  grass. The  image  of her without  a  care, dozing  in  the  sunshine  on her  back,
filled his mind. It disturbed him that someone was trying to take that away from her.
She  pushed  into  him,  an  insistence  in  the  message.  The  worry  of  yesterday
slipped away for the right now.

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